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Online coaching on international cooperation employment opportunities

Interested in working for the United Nations (UN) or another international organization (IO) or an NGO involved in thematic areas that you truly believe in such as child protection, women's rights, health, environment or economic empowerment, I can certainly help you during this online coaching session reaching your goal in a more efficient way. The session can be done in French as well, my mother tongue. You can find on my Linked-in profile testimonials of people I helped in this area. 

Briefly find the following information below : 1/briefly my profile, 2/How can I help you? 3/How does it work? 4/Profile in details

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1/Briefly my profile (more details at the end of this page)

  • Born in Cannes, South of France, currently living in Switzerland, I have over 15 years of experience in international cooperation working for the United Nations (UN), NGOs and training institutions in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Switzerland in the areas of communication, project management and fundraising
  • Trainer in communication and job search techniques in Switzerland for several programmes aimed at helping experienced professionals and students to find a job with international organizations (IO) including UN agencies or NGOs.
  • American Master’s degree and French BA of honours in communication with continued training on project management for development projects from the Graduate institute in Geneva (IHEID).
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2/How can I help you?

According to your profile, interests and specific needs, I can help you identifying:

  • Different types of organisations who may be interested in your profile, skills and comparative advantage
  • What are the different formal and informal channels you could use to find a post, a mission or mandates
  • Where to find some useful information regarding posts, missions, consultancies and where to find training workshops that could enhance your profile
  • What strategies would be the best for you to reach your professional goal in an efficient manner
  • How you could adapt your resume and make it more attractive for this specific job market that has its own codes and preferences
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3/How does it work?

You can directly send me a request to book a 1, 5 hour coaching session with me as described below (we can also do it in French).

Send me a request...Write me an email to entitled “Request for coaching on international cooperation” covering these 3 points :

  • 1/informations on your profile ONLY in one paragraph with main elements on your academic background and professional experience, 
  • 2/what are your specific needs during this 1, 5 hour session (in relation to the section “How can I help?” above), and 
  • 3/when would you like to have this 1, 5 hour coaching (in 1 or 2 weeks or 1 month and the hours during the day that suit you the best from 11 am to 7 pm)? Sometimes, I recommend we split in 2 sessions for you to have the time to work for example on your CV. To be discussed according to your needs.

Please note: Do not send me your resume, I will not look at it at this stage.

Then after receiving your request

  • I give you 3 different possible spots and we agree on a time (I am as well available at lunch time or the evening until 8pm and even sometimes on week-ends).
  • Once the time is set, you make the payment (see below for amount) to the account number that will be sent to you by email and you will have to confirm the payment by email. You complete a 1-page form with more details on your profile before the coaching
  • I send you a Zoom link 10 min before our appointment or we can also use Skype if you prefer
  • We have the 1, 5 hour coaching where we focus on your needs
  • Following our coaching session, I send you the references (e.g. names of programmes relevant to your profile, existing rosters, Website links to find vacancies, name of continued training you can follow, etc) mentioned during our coaching

Price for 1,5 hour coaching session

  • 250 CHF for 1,5 hour (or equivalent = 250 Euros). I can do coaching sessions also at lunch time and the evening after 6:00 pm as well as on Saturday between 4pm and 7pm if this is more convenient for you
  • 150 CHF the second hour of coaching (or 150 euros) in case you need more support.

4/My profile in details

As an employee

  • Information Officer, Office of the Displaced persons, United Nations Mission, Pristina, Kosovo
  • Program Coordinator, Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS), Dakar, Senegal and Geneva, Switzerland
  • Public Information Officer (PIO) and Gender Focal Point, UN Mission, Dili District, East Timor
  • International Monitor, Council of Europe (CoE), Tirana, Albania
  • Liaison Officer, Office of the UN Resident Coordinator, Kigali, Rwanda

As a consultant

  • Consultant and trainer for the NGO FAS, Femmes Africa Solidarité in Geneva, Switzerland and Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, DRC.
  • Communication Consultant, UNICEF, Bucharest, Romania.
  • Information Consultant, International Labor Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Consultant for CINFO, Career Center in International Cooperation, Biel, Switzerland.
  • Consultant for the Association “Graines de Paix”, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Consultant for the “Winds of Hope” Foundation, foundation of Bertrand Piccard, Lausanne, Switzerland.

As a trainer

  • Member-expert-trainer for the information committee of Fedevaco, Swiss regional cooperation federation, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Communication trainer for the NGO Management School, Poland and Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Trainer for IOMBA, MBA in international organizations, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Trainer for IHEID, IMAS / DPP program, Master in Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Trainer for the French Embassy, ​​training for government spokespersons, Bujumbura, Burundi.
  • Trainer for a programme aimed at helping experimented professionals to find a job in international cooperation, City of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Then ready to go ahead and get to know better how to go about finding a job with an organization involved in development or humanitarian projects? Write to me your request now. See you soon! Best, Caroline